Bespoke strategic response to client tasking based on open source, court usable investigations

On-boarding due diligence on client and assigned tasks

Developing reputation risk strategy combining coast guarding including legal, cyber, PR and human networks

Developing communications, legal and other disciplinary strategies in response to initial tasking if required to augment core strategy

Deciding on changes of tactic and resource allocation in response to client feedback and new events

Deep dive OSINT report supported with HUMINT if required

Geopolitical and risk analysis based on network in over 25 countries

AML/Sanctions Advice and support

Original, well researched and referenced articles produced for multi lingual and multi jurisdictional tasks

Opposition OSINT research and analysis if required

24 Hour Emergency PR response team


Unparalleled access to high quality publications across all continents

Articles can be placed in: UK, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, USA, Russia, Argentina and Switzerland; as well as Asia and Africa

SEO for original content on a wide range of web and social media sites

Placement and SEO of original content on Awesome Resources controlled news sites

Placement of profile on our profile site CuroNominis

Application for “The Right To Be Forgotten” in EU to Google

Wikipedia entry development and management

Back Links to stories being pushed in support of client tasking

Directing of internet traffic to specific URLs to improve google positioning

Creation of new digital assets that reflect client tasks

SEO implementation to these new assets

Highly targeted social media campaigns for specific messages


Bespoke client accessible reputational tools for self management

Risk assessment, mapping and relationship
Mapping for competitors/opposition

Engagement with legal partners

Advice and management of legal strategy

Co-ordination of legal and communication strategies

Development of psychiatrically informed responses to trolling and other online reputation attacks especially on board members

Coast guarding of online reputation for potential risks

Measurement of impact of SEO and monitoring of changes in Google search results for client defined key terms

Monitoring of site and profile views of client’s digital assets based on threat mapping

Monitoring of World Check and other reputation databases for changes in entries

Evaluation of OSINT and other research outputs

Quality control on all material posted in the client’s name or anonymously