How much does it cost?


Not as much as you might think. Get in touch today to discuss your enterprise needs.


How are you different from other popular messaging platforms?


AWESEC has been specifically designed and built for enterprises to meet the need to collaborate and communicate securely whilst retaining the integrity of their IT infrastructure. Other platforms are often informally adopted without any oversight of the way they are configured, whether they are automatically backed up to third party cloud services or even how the terms and conditions might compromise internal policies and introduce security risks.


What training is required to use AWESEC?


Very little. The user interface has been designed to be familiar to anyone that has used a smart device, it is highly intuitive and there are no complex processes needed to initiate an encrypted call, message or indeed to share encrypted files.


Is it possible to trial AWESEC?


Yes, simply contact us to request a 28 day trial of our standard platform which offers VoIp calling, messaging and file transfer.


Can you explain what you mean by secure, compliant communication?


Depending on jurisdictions and market/business verticals compliance can mean different things. Our SDK as your own bespoke platform can:

  1. Provide you with all of the meta data/logs around users, contacts and usage. These are an important part of your intellectual property, they are also in some cases are part of your Compliance Officers needs and regulatory obligations.
  2. Integrate with many encryption protocols and key management systems, often determined by national Laws or industry verticals. We use peer-2-peer encryption as standard but we acknowledge that in some cases this might put your employees at risk in some jurisdictions or fall outside of the Compliance Officers requirement to retain call content as well as logs.
  3. We can configure AWESEC to meet both security and compliance, the level can be determined by you and your business needs.




What do you mean by compliant mobile communication?


Meeting the compliance needs across jurisdictions and industry verticals is challenging. The AWESEC solution has been built with these challenges in mind from the very outset. We acknowledge and respect the need for certain controls over networks and how they are used, where we differ from our competitors however is that we respect the need for appropriate logs and records but we empower our customers by giving them the opportunity to regain control of their corporate communications without surrendering some of their most valuable assets, the details of their commercial relationships and their interactions.


What encryption protocols are used by AWESEC?


The choice of encryption is yours. We can deploy AWESEC using your industry approved encryption protocols. AWESEC can easily interface with your key management systems. Our standard platform uses Axolotl for messaging, this ensures that messages are:

  1. Encrypted
  2. Authentic and …
  3. …unmodified by 3rd parties.

For File Transfer we use AES256 (Advanced Encryption Standard)

For Voice calling we use ZRTP (Zimmerman Real-Time Transport Protocol), end-to -end encryption for VoIP calls, ensuring no one else can listen into your calls.


What information do you retain or collect from our employees when using AWESEC?


In the case of an enterprise instance of AWESEC, we collect none. AWESEC SDK is quite simply the engine that enables your own mobile communications. You control all the data and meta data, all the logs and the permissions of users within your organisation. When using AWESEC during a 28 day trial some logs are retained by AWESEC for our internal use only. We will never sell or pass on these details.


Why does AWESEC require access to contacts?


This only applies to the 28 day free trial and is simply so that AWESEC can match the contacts on your phone to those with whom you wish to communicate with when using the app. The contacts stay on your device and AWESEC has no access to the contacts on your phone, they are yours and yours only.




How do I manage the deployment or roll out of AWESEC across my organisation?


For customers using the AWESEC (trial) offering as per prior agreement with AWESEC you can download the app via the Apple Store of Google Store after receiving an invitation to download. Get in contact directly to organise invitation process.

For customers looking to implement a self-contained and managed instance of AWESEC within an organisation/department the AWESEC SDK will support integration with all MDM solutions. Get in contact directly to organise set-up and support.


What do I need to provide if I wanted to host all management systems in my environment, behind my firewall?


You will need to provide some server equipment in a Secure Data Centre (SDC). We will provide the server software for that SDC.


What functionality do I get with AWESEC?


Our standard off the shelf platform offers the following:

  1. Secure premium quality voice
  2. Secure messaging
  3. Secure, multi format file transfer.


How do you manage poor network conditions?


With AWESEC you can choose between routing your calls across either a AWESEC dedicated public cloud infrastructure, or across your own private cloud. For the “last mile” of every call we monitor the network conditions and ensure that your call is optimised to suit the network conditions for the environment you are in. This all happens behind the scenes, with no input required from the user.


What level of customisation is possible with AWESEC?


As well as taking care of all security elements for data in transit, the AWESEC SDK gives you complete access to the management dashboard, cloud APIs and the ability to customise the platform to make it your own, managed on your premises and deployed to your users in accordance with your policies and even your own brand and guidelines.


How long does it take to be up and running with AWESEC?


This really depends on your level of customisation. Our standard platform could be up and running for your organisation in days. If you wanted the platform to be presented to your staff and clients as your own secure collaboration platform then our team of Engineers and Developers can assist with all aspects of integration.